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I've been with Tweed since March 2015. They started out great. But recently my dr. Increased my monthly prescription to allow me to try out different strains in the hopes of finding that perfect strain or combination of. But what I've found is that they are shoving 10 grams of cannabis into 5gm jars. The csn a is is always dried to thr point it disintegrates as soon as you touch it. Even a strsin that was introduced that day when I ordered it and received it 2 dayd later it was just as dried out as something that'd been sitting thete for a long while. Maybe they should take the old product and make cookies or something. I've tried 2 other LP's and Tweed does offer some of the best incentives. I just inherited some money that I wanted to invest in Tweed. But I'm not sure I think we'll follow Bruce Linton. He seems to know what he's doing!!

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